Modeling, clothing and makeover counseling for your second life

Well this post will show you how with just a few differences and resources, your appearance can be VERY different.

The model is a Godess (Aphrodite) and we will start to work on her. On the next photos, she shows: her newbie skin, self customed; her second skin, a good available freebie, and the first skin she bought.

Some other hints: you dont have to pay much to have a decent look. The freebie skin is very good for a freebie. The hair is a freebie from a SL known label, and the earings also free.
You should only have to pay for the prim lashes (if you really want them) and the outfit… But there are thousands of free outfits in world. You just have to know where and how to search it.


{May 11, 2008}   What can we do for you?

A lot.

We provide hints or services on how to became more fashionable on your Second LifeĀ®.

Modeling: professional photos services and individual BOOKs;
Clothing: Fashion advices for everyone: from the newbie to the top model;
Makeover: Appearance for everyone: from the newbie to the top model.

Our services include selling full avatars (clothing, appearance and acessories) or providing individual counseling. We can eaven lcontact us before joining Second LifeĀ® and look like a model from the beggining.

Just ask us. IM SecondAvie Sella or use the email

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